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Over 50 Years of Experience and Innovation
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1st to introduce Blast Chill Technology in Australia
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Industry Leaders in Cook and Chill Technology
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Our Range

B.PRO commercial kitchen supplies
Dieta commercial cooking equipment
Foster commercial kitchen equipment
Lainox commercial kitchen equipment
Moduline commercial cooking equipment
Multivac commercial kitchen supplies
Nilma commercial kitchen equipment
Rational Production commercial cooking equipment
Regethermic commercial kitchen equipment

Pioneering Commercial Kitchen Equipment Since 1972

For over 50 years Regethermic have been providing cook chill systems, quality commercial cooking equipment, training and advice to the food service and food manufacturing industries.

Regethermic has its roots in cook chill providing the highest quality meals perfectly regenerated on demand. Our pioneering cook chill course bought major benefits to the function and banqueting industries.

The range of commercial cooking equipment solutions we offer today is immense. Cook chill and sous-vide systems for extended shelf life cooking, mixer kettles, pump fill systems, cook tanks, tumble chillers, blast chillers, vacuum packaging machines, commercial fridges, counter fridges, meal delivery systems, combi ovens, rethermalisation systems and a host of other premium commercial cooking appliances.

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Our Customers

SkyCity Auckland

SkyCity Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand
Royal North Shore Hospital

Royal North Shore Hospital

Sydney, Australia

Our Services


Regethermic’s training seminars provide catering and hospitality professionals with unique opportunities to enhance and develop their knowledge.

Service & Support

Regethermic has a dedicated Service Department offering expertise in all areas of our commercial kitchen equipment.

Project Management

With over 50 years experience, Regethermic has the ability to manage small, medium and large scale projects.

Regethermic can provide tailored advice, training and commercial kitchen supplies for projects of all sizes.

We’ll ensure that your project is supported every step of the way from the initial design stage through to commissioning your commercial kitchen equipment and on-site training with your staff.

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Safety first! Disconnect/ turn off the power and gas supply.

Clean equipment regularly using warm, soapy water and food-safe sanitisers, followed by thorough rinsing, and drying

  • Avoid steel wool and scourers as they can damage the surface
  • Avoid getting water near electrical connections, switches and interior lights
  • If using commercial cleaning and degreasing chemicals, follow the instructions carefully
  • Always use the correct cleaning products and processes for a Combi Oven, otherwise you may void the warranty

Essential equipment includes stoves, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, sinks, prep tables, and various utensils and cookware. 

  • Safety gear of course! Anti-slip shoes, and aprons to provide an additional barrier between the employee’s body and dangerous substances
  • Gravity feed chute from the deep-fryer to avoid direct handling of hot oils
  • Trolley to carry or serve hot liquids or crockery
  • Heat-resistant clothing Oven mitts to prevent burns
  • Serving windows to keep serving staff out of the kitchen

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1300 138 026


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