Regethermic Hot or Cold Vertical Form Filler

Regethermic Hot or Cold Vertical Form Filler



An essential component of Regethermic’s Long Life Fresh Food (LLFF) process is the Vertical Form Filler. It Hot or Cold fills bags at a rapid speed, automating a critical part of the production process. Fully automated filling, designed for hot or cold fill applications, this mobile unit offers direct printing, full temperature monitoring and adjustable bag size.

Who are our customers?

The Long Life Fresh Food (LLFF) process is used in Transportation (Air and Rail), Aged Care, Food Production, Convention Centres, Entertainment and Sporting Venues, Health, Hospitality, the Public Sector and around the world.

Why Long Life Fresh Food?

Food does not necessarily require additives and preservatives in order to deliver longer shelf life. The Regethermic Hot or Cold Fill machinery options combine science and efficiency to safely and hygienically transport hot product into packaging to support Extended Shelf Life (ESL) principles while operating within required critical limits. Cooking is more than the skill of transforming food from its raw state. Chefs rely on creating dishes with thought to maximal yield, enviable taste, food safety and extending shelf life.


  • The Vertical Form Filler is designed for high speed bag filling direct from larger size vessels.
  • Casings are from a continuous flat ream that reduces overall costs of bags.
  • Once the program is set for a specific product simply let the machine do the rest.
  • The Hot Fill Form Seal Machine is complimented when used in conjunction with a Regethermic Tumble Chiller, chilling casings in under one (1) hour.
  • Capacity: 20 x three (3) Litres pillow bags per minute
  • Suitable for packing – hot pumpable fluids with solids up to 15 mm
  • Belt drive design allows easy to change bag length
  • An impact printer capability able to supply batch number and use by date
  • Pumping temperature: 90 °C
  • Bag width: 100 – 210 mm
  • Dimensions: 1465 x 1380 x 2102 mm
  • Compressed Air: 500 litres/min @ 6 bar

Sous Vide Extended Shelf Life Diagram


For detailed product specifications and drawings, please contact Regethermic on 1300 138 026 or email us.

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