Regethermic Fluid Chiller – Air and Water Cooled Series

Regethermic Fluid Chiller – Air and Water Cooled Series



Air and water cooled fluid chillers to provide constant closed loop chilled water with glycol supply to support the Tumble Chiller and Kettle chilling processes.

Why Long Life Fresh Food?

Food does not necessarily require additives and preservatives in order to deliver longer shelf life. Regethermic machinery combine science and efficiency to safely and hygienically support Extended Shelf Life (ESL) principles. While operating within required critical limits to enhance yield, quality and production speed. Cooking is more than the skill of transforming food from its raw state. Chefs rely on creating dishes with thought to maximising yield, taste, food safety and shelf life.

Regethermic has developed and refined the production of Sous Vide cooking and cooling machinery which includes the Cook tank Tumble Chiller, Mobile Pump Fill Station, Fluid Chiller, in line Homogeniser and mixer Kettle. The Long Life Fresh Food process (LLFF) Cook Chill process yields exceptionally tender and high quality products.

Who are our customers?

The Long Life Fresh Food (LLFF) process is used in Hotels, Airline industry, Rail, Aged Care, Hospitals, Institutional market, Food Manufacturers, Convention Centres, Entertainment and Sporting Venues, Health and the Public Sector.


  • Australian made weatherproof air cooled chillers
  • Suitable for chilling water down to 4 °C, with glycol or ethanol mix down to – 10 °C
  • Heavy Gauge Galvabond steel frame and panels
  • Powder coat finish
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Hermetic, semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors
  • Unique serviceable shell and tube evaporator
  • Speed controlled high performance condenser fans
  • Evaporator shell hot dip galvanised
  • Controls standard for normal or low temperature application
  • Epoxy dipped condenser coils
  • Prewired electrical panel
  • Electronic temperature controller
  • Capacity control, CA100 – 3 stages, CA115 through to CA200 – 4 stages
  • Nominal capacities: 11 to 216 kW


Fluid Chiller Side On

Fluid Chiller Features Diagram


For detailed product specifications and drawings, please contact Regethermic on 1300 138 026 or email us.

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