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Experience Unparalleled Cooling Efficiency with our Tumble Chillers

Our range of tumble chillers is designed to meet your unique cooling requirements, delivering exceptional performance and reliability.

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Our tumble chillers offer impressive capacity, capable of tumble chilling up to 600 liters of product in bags or cooking up to 400kg of product in bags*. With a user-friendly programmable touch screen control system, you have full control over the chiller’s three-speed tumble function. The adjustable speed drum ensures optimal chilling, while the core probe chilling feature enables accurate temperature monitoring and control.

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Safety is a top priority in our tumble chillers.

We offer a safety margin chilling option to provide an additional layer of protection for your products. Automatic water level control and an automatic or manual timer further enhance convenience and ease of use.

Robust construction

Crafted with durability in mind, our tumble chillers feature a full 304 stainless steel construction, ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion. The stainless steel heat exchanger, pump, valves, strainer, and internal pipe work guarantee reliable cooling performance.

Creating efficiencies in your kitchen

At Regethermic, we believe in delivering comprehensive solutions to our valued customers. That’s why our tumble chillers come with a service key for testing inputs and outputs, enabling easy maintenance and troubleshooting. Additionally, our the machine’s cleaning program simplifies the cleaning process, ensuring hygiene and sanitation standards are met.

Browse our range of tumble chillers today and discover the perfect solution for your chilling needs. Experience unparalleled cooling efficiency and reliability with Regethermic. Trust our expertise and extensive experience in providing top-of-the-line cook chill systems and commercial kitchen equipment.

Check out the Regethermic CT600 Tumble Chiller

Introducing our innovative Tumble Chiller, the ultimate solution for rapid and efficient chilling. With a capacity of up to 600 liters, this powerhouse can tumble chill up to 400kg of product in bags, ensuring quick and consistent cooling. 

Featuring a user-friendly touch screen control system, you can easily program and adjust the chiller’s three-speed tumble function to meet your specific requirements. The adjustable speed drum and core probe chilling capabilities guarantee precise temperature control, while the safety margin chilling option provides an added layer of protection. 

With automatic water level control, an option for automatic or manual timing, and a robust stainless steel construction, our Tumble Chiller is built to withstand rigorous commercial use.

Training and expert advice for your tumble chiller installations

We are your trusted provider of high-quality tumble chillers for over 50 years. 

As experts in cook chill systems and commercial kitchen equipment, we understand the importance of efficient and precise chilling processes in the food service and food manufacturing industries. We will provide comprehensive training for your staff and guidance on your new installations to ensure you are getting the most out of your tumble chiller.


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