Rational Production Unitray ZEROEFFORT

Rational Production Unitray ZEROEFFORT


Unitray, the great classic from Rational Production for meal distribution, enhanced with new optional features, becomes ZEROEFFORT. The introduction of assisted handling facilitates the movement of the trolley by reducing both pushing and pulling efforts and potential physical discomfort for the operator.

Unitray is the new meal distribution trolley by Rational Production that defines new standards of quality. Unitray has been entirely redesigned with a view to becoming category leader: a new design, new materials and a meticulous focus on the ergonomics of the product and its management costs.


  • Fully self-contained heating and cooling hospital catering system
  • Suitable for GN (325 x 530 mm) and Extended (325 x 565 mm) trays
  • Available in various versions:
    • COOK & CHILL and COOK & FREEZE – for maintaining food cold in both compartments and regenerating the food in the hot compartments by activating the heat cycle at the appropriate moment, either manually or automatically
    • COOK & SERVE – for maintaining food at the desired temperature, in both the cold and hot compartments
  • Four heat cycles which can be fully customised
  • Working temperature: from 5 °C to 43 °C
  • Minimum temperature compartment: – 3 °C
  • Minimum temperature hot compartment: + 130 °C
  • Powerful refrigeration system keeps cold preparations below 5 °C even after 50 minutes of reheating.
  • Can re-thermalise plated chilled meal temperatures to 80 °C and hold.


For detailed product specifications and drawings, please contact Regethermic on 1300 138 026 or email us.

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