Nilma Maxim Quick Onion Peeler

Nilma Maxim Quick Onion Peeler




Maxim is the ideal appliance specifically designed for peeling onions.

It is easy and effective to operate: once onions have been loaded into the hopper, the user sets 1-2 minutes on the timer. A jet of water washes the product while an abrasive disc starts peeling it. During processing, the water jet immediately removes all skins, which are collected by the filter. When peeling is complete, the user just presses a button to automatically discharge the onions into the collection trolley. T versions of the Maxim are taller and may be installed on the right or left sides of the table.

Maxim is fitted with a fine-grain abrasive disc to ensure that onions are peeled gently with a minimal processing waste.

Maxim is produced in two models with a loading capacity of 7 and 30 kg per cycle. Maxim is safe since both the load hopper and the product discharge opening are fitted with safety devices.

Maxim is the ideal automatic onion peeler for centralised kitchens, canteens, institutions, delicatessens and industrial food processing plants.

Features of Maxim 7:

  • Entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel (thickness: 20/10)
  • Peeling chamber with product deflector
  • Fine-grain abrasive disc having a thickness of 40 mm
  • 24V wall-mountable control panel equipped with an electronic timer
  • Product outfeed with gasket and safety protection
  • Motor-direct-drive abrasive peeling disc

Features of Maxim 30:

  • Entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel (thickness: 20/10)
  • Product outfeed with locking system, gasket and safety micro switch
  • Suitable for peeling onions, potatoes, carrots and turnips
  • Peeling chamber and abrasive disc covered with fine carborundum
  • Gearmotor-direct-drive abrasive peeling disc made of anticorodal alloy and removable for cleaning
  • Shock-resistant ABS hinged lid with locking system and safety micro switch
  • 24V wall-mountable control panel equipped with an electronic timer


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