Nilma Continuous Dicing and Strip-Cutting Machine

Nilma Continuous Dicing and Strip-Cutting Machine





TCB 203 has been created for the continuous cutting of large quantities of vegetables, tubers, fruit and other foods into cubes, sticks or julienne strips. The TCB 203 is very easy to use: the operator simply selects the cutting thickness then loads the product into the hopper, and in a moment it will come out perfectly cut into the required size and shape.

The exclusive centrifugal cutting system pushes the product against the knives without crushing it. A special device regulates the cutting speed to guarantee excellent results even with delicate and juicy products. This all ensures a perfect presentation and a long product shelf-life.

TCB 203 is able to produce cubes, sticks and julienne sticks from 3 to 30 mm in large quantities (from 300 to 1,500 kg/hour) and with a minimal waste.

All parts of the TCB 203 cutting machine are easily removable both for the replacement of the knife units and for cleaning. TCB 203 is safe as microswitches are fitted on the load hopper and on the product outlet. Since TCB 203 functions in a continuous cycle, it can be included in a fully automatic Nilma line for peeling and cutting potatoes, carrots or onions.

TCB 203 is an innovative cutting machine ideal for centralised kitchens and industrial food production and Fourth-range processing plants, since it offers precise cutting, high output, a long product shelf-life and a minimal labour requirements.


  • St/st control panel with: main switch, on/off control, power indicator, emergency button, speed adjustment knob, working speed display, malfunction light.
  • Safety guards on self-loading hopper, on product outfeed and casing opening.
  • Maximum size of product to be processed: 80×80 mm.
  • Output rate: 300 to 1500 Kg/h(depending on product and dice size).
  • Full 18/10 stainless steel construction, anticorodal alloy parts. Treated stainless steel blades.
  • Loading hopper, protective casing, knife group and unloading hopper easy to disassemble for cleaning.
  • Machine equipped with four st/st wheels with brake.


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