Nilma Continuous Cutter and Conveyor Belt

Nilma Continuous Cutter and Conveyor Belt





Continuous cutting of any type of vegetables, fruit, fish or other products into slices, sticks and juliennes is a primary need of industrial food processing plants, delicatessens and large kitchens.

When large amounts of product have to be cut to the highest standards, the only solution is a versatile, fast, user-friendly appliance like the TVN 202 continuous cutter.

A conveyor belt carries the product, at adjustable speed, towards the knife unit, while a pressing belt on the infeed area holds it in position.

The appliance is completely programmable, and this facility, combined with the different cutting discs available, enables the production of shapes and thicknesses exactly as required. Precise, uniform cutting ensures an impeccable side-dish presentation, whether lettuce leaves, firm vegetables or even juicy fruit, and a long product shelf-life. For Fourth-range processors, the TVN 202 continuous cutter can be installed in-line with the Atirmatic vegetable washer, to create a continuous cutting and washing line.

Once again, Nilma has come up with an appliance at the technological state of the art, able to enhance labour saving, product quality and productivity in large kitchens and industrial food production and Fourth-range processing plants.


  • Electronic dash equipped with: on/off button, disc-mode-thickness selection button, start/stop button, power light, emergency-stop button, belt controller, fi ve storable cutting programs, blades working display.
  • Safety devices on the infeed belt, the protective case and on the product outfeed.
  • Average output from 100 to 1,500 kg/h depending on the type of cut and thickness.
  • Made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Melted parts made of Anticorodal alloy.
  • Removable infeed belts (width: 120 mm) made of food-grade PVC.
  • Examinable product outfeed equipped with a water inlet.
  • Safety protective case for motor, knives and belts.
  • Equipped with four stainless steel wheels with brake.

Dimensions and Capacities:

  • Voltage V: 1/N ~ 230 V 50 Hz + PE
  • Power kW: 0,95
  • Weight kg: 143
  • Product infeed dimensions mm: 120×90 (h)


For detailed product specifications and drawings, please contact Regethermic on 1300 138 026 or email us.

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