Lainox Naboo Boosted Combi Oven

Lainox Naboo Boosted Combi Oven



Forget about obstacles, focus on the finish line.

Limits are often only illusions.

The best Lainox combi oven ever….


Quick: Broccoli in just 7 minutes and 24 Chickens in 30 minutes

Efficient: Energy Monitor and New Washing System

Smart: Naboo Coach, Autoclima and Intelligent Energy System

Sturdy: Long Life Component LLC, Easy Maintenance and Easy Installation

Small: Up to 15% less overall dimension and more compact sizes

Connected: Nabook cloud functionality

Flexible: Multilevel Plus, Configurable Display, Editable Recipes

Powerful: Up to 20% more powerful and Preheating up to 320℃

Beyond every limit

The professional oven for your restaurant. Find out how to grill, fry, roast and steam cook with the Naboo professional range of ovens, suitable for all requirements.

To create Naboo Boosted, we have put together all our experience and all our knowledge to create the best Combi ever at Lainox. We have surpassed our limits in speed, efficiency, intelligence, robustness, connectivity, size, flexibility and power. We stopped thinking about obstacles and concentrated on the goals we wanted to achieve.

Less waiting. More speed. Greater quality

You can save time with Naboo too.

96 spit-roasted chickens in 30 min. Tender in the middle and crisp on the outside

480 steaks in 7 min. Safe, delicious, and perfectly cooked results for excellent meat dishes without the worry of delays

240 fried eggs in 2 min. A perfect centre, with the right consistency just like you have always produced, multiplied by 10 for speed

Minimum consumption under control

Thanks to Energy Monitor, Naboo allows transparent monitoring of electricity, water and detergent consumption, including all previous cooking processes up until the last year. In addition, if Naboo is connected to Nabook (the Lainox Cloud), consumption can also be monitored remotely.


For detailed product specifications and drawings, please contact Regethermic on 1300 138 026 or email us.

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