Foster Meat Cabinet Refrigerator 600 Ltr

Foster Meat Cabinet Refrigerator 600 Ltr



The latest Foster EcoPro G3 Cabinets are the best of both worlds. A combination of high performance coupled with low energy consumption, make Fosters Refrigerators the first choice for food service professionals.

Performance, Reliability and Quality:

  • Single door refrigerator cabinet
  • Dimensions (w x d x h): 700 x 855 x 2080 mm
  • Capacity: 600 litres
  • Sleek modern aesthetics, robust construction and market leading capacity.


  • The G3’s controller display uses pure LEDs, incorporating InGaN technology, which means it achieves higher resolution, lasts
    longer – all while using less power. The white characters are 33% larger, with sharper definition which can be viewed from a 180-degree angle, meaning chefs can see the temperature of their fridge at a glance from almost anywhere in the kitchen.
  • Redesigned condenser means little maintenance and incredible efficiencies across the entire range.
  • Designed using ‘CFD’ modelling: a cutting edge technology used in Formula 1 and aerospace industries to track movement of air, ensures food stays fresher for longer.
  • High quality 304 stainless steel is used as standard on all doors and unit covers for G3 – the gold standard in performance stainless steel – meaning the heaviest usage touchpoints on the product are covered.
  • Foster Shield means you can rest assured, that from advanced temperature control to hygienic design, you’re protected from the dangers of unsafe food storage.
  • Market leading usable capacity, now supplied with 4 shelves as standard making your money go further – holds more than a conventional fridge.
  • Operates efficiently in ambient temperatures of up to 43°C
  • Delivered with lockable castors fitted as standard, giving you full mobility for easy access around the unit. Once in position, you can be sure it will stay there.


  • Market leading capacity – get ‘more fridge for your money’: up to 54 litres of additional space compared to the storage capacity of an average competitor – that’s the equivalent of 198 x 250g packs of butter!

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability:

  • Low carbon footprint – ‘natural’ Hydrocarbon refrigerant,
    low energy consumption, through to product longevity and
    recyclability means the EcoPro G3 will help your business reduce
    its carbon footprint.
  • High-performance Cylopentane foam which is more thermally
    efficient, maintains its insulation performance longer than
    traditionally used foams.

Optional Features:

  • Stainless-steel back for island siting
  • GN2/1 stainless steel shelf OR GN 2/1 nylon coated shelf
  • Anti tilt stainless steel tray slides
  • 150mm legs in lieu of castors
  • Left hand hinged door(s)
  • Bottle rack (140 bottle capacity)
  • 60x40cm Bakery rack (excludes trays)

Single door Meat EP 700M

  • Meat -2/+2°C Single door meat storage cabinet
  • Optimises meat storage conditions, with the cooling system designed to prevent surface drying of
    the meat.


For detailed product specifications and drawings, please contact Regethermic on 1300 138 026 or email us.

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