Dieta Genier ACE Mixer Kettle 400 Litre

Dieta Genier ACE Mixer Kettle 400 Litre



Dieta Genier ACE Mixing Kettle

Genier ACE

Born to be your guiding star.
Equipped with superior intelligence.

  • Fully automated
  • Smart Mixing Tool
  • Power and versatility

I am Genier ACE, the most versatile mixing kettle that you will meet. I was born under the Nordic sky, equipped with superior intelligence. Like a guiding star, I will lead your cooking process to excellent results, every single time.

I listen, respond and adapt to your changing needs and accomplish them efficiently. I was trained to work with different production methods from cook-serve to cook-chill and everything in between.
I will ensure you achieve all your goals. Challenge me – I’m ready to convince you!


Automated cooking programs

Automated and scalable cooking programs in Genier ACE takes care of standardization and improves profitability.


10-inch touchscreen with icons

The basic display of Dieta kettles has been designed for people. The large icons and bright colors are easy to check up with a single glance.


Circulated ice water chilling

Unique chilled center axis adds 10% more chilling surface. In addition to high performance, the chilling is ridiculously straightforward as part of a program.


Scalable cooking programs

Adjustable cooking programs work with different production volumes and can be transferred between kettles.


Real-time HACCP reports

Critical information on cooking programs can be checked from the kettle screen, even in the middle of the cooking process.


Scale function

The unique integrated scale function facilitates and speeds up the cooking process.

Up to 2 hours more working time per day

Free up time

Up to 2 hours more working time per day*


Automatic cooking and washing programmes free cooks from manual work and constantly having to check on the kettle. The kettle knows when to call for the cook.


Easy to use – see key information at a glance

Equipment should be fun to use


The basic display of Dieta kettles has been designed for cooks. The key cooking information can be read from a distance. Whenever choices have to be made, the kettle displays the options. The kettle is easy to operate with the swipe of a finger.


Copy of Genier_controller-1080

A kettle that you don’t have to keep an eye on all the time

Concentrate on more important things


The kettle display features large icons and bright colours that enable cooks to check up on cooking status with a single glance, even from the other side of the kitchen. If necessary, the kettle tells the cook when action is required with alarms and alert colours.


HACCP LIVE reports automatically

Guarantees food safety


Each cooking programme generates a production report (HACCP) that includes temperature information, cooking events and itemised information on the kettle and cooking batch. The report is easy to integrate into the kitchen’s self-monitoring measures. The report can be read in real time straight from the display of the Genier kettle in HACCP LIVE mode without having to print it out unnecessarily.


Copy of Genier_Dieta tool_1 4

Automatic programmes for your favourite recipes

Success for every user

The cooking programmes of the Dieta Genier kettle direct both the user and kettle, ensuring consistently high-quality results with minimal energy consumption. Your own cooking programmes are stored in the kettle’s memory and can be transferred between kettles and computers.

  • The most frequently used programmes can be transferred to the favourites folder
  • Genier’s adaptive cooking programmes adjust cooking in line with the selected batch size
  • Precise instructions can be added to programmes to enable any user to effortlessly check progress on the recipe
  • Specific cooking options can be password-protected

* compared to a traditional kettle without cooking programmes, food temperature-based heating control or an in-kettle mixing function.
** EFCEM: Energy Efficiency Standard for boiling pans or equivalent

  •  Mixer:
    • Mixing speed: 10 – 160
    • 7 mixing speeds including auto-reverse
    • Three-piece mixing tool with removable scraper
  • Automated cooking programs
  • 10-inch touchscreen with icons
  • Scalable cooking programs
  • Real-time HACCP reports
  • Scale function


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Freestanding (FS), Bolted to floor (FL)


40 litre, 60 litre, 80 litre, 100 litre, 150 litre, 200 litre, 300 litre, 400 litre, 475 litre


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