Over 20 years history and a passion producing high quality and versatile meals in the most efficient way.

Dietatec specialises in developing and manufacturing tilting mixer kettles and cook-chill kettles for professional kitchens, institutional kitchens, food processing industries, catering enterprises and cruise ship kitchens.

Mixer Kettles

Boasting a highly accurate temperature control combined with its own internal mixer, the Dieta Mixer Kettle offers a combination of functionality and accuracy. Let it take your food production to the next level with its high-speed agitator, automatic water filling, food temperature control and full programmability all encased in high-grade stainless-steel.


For effective food preparation the mixing is of high importance. It ensures an even temperature and consistency. Automated mixing makes working simple and profitable, as automated cooking processes ensures high productivity and consistent meal quality.

New recipe possibilities with automation
Dieta mixing kettles comes with built-in mixers that make them incredibly versatile and equally well suited for preparing food from deserts to warm meals.

Dieta kettles have a bottom type mixer drive, equipped with high rate efficiency motor and gearbox located under the kettle. The mixer speed from 10 to 200 revolutions per minute (80-litre kettle) and there are seven different mixer modes to cover all types of food.

Temperature Control

Dieta kettles temperature can be set as high as 125 °C.
Thanks to the jacket which is designed to operate at a pressure of 1.5 bar and at a temperature of 128 °C.

Precise control of temperature
In addition to market highest cooking temperature, the precise food temperature control of Dieta kettles makes cooking simple and effective. Only set the desired food temperature – and the kettle automatically heats food to the desired temperature and then regulates the heating.

Improves cooking results and prevent food from burning, but also saves in energy and costs.

More recipe possibilities
With the temperature control and automated mixing of DIETA kettles you can prepare variety of foods – from raw cabbage to the delicate foods, like preventing your milk based sauces or béchamel to stick to the kettle surface.

Automated Cooking

Numerical temperature display
Food temperature control (optional)
100 programs, 2 steps
Timer: 24 H
Customer specific basic settings

When versatility but straight forward operation are key requirements, then the DIETA Soupper controller is the right choice. Easy-to-use touchpad controller comes with automatic operation of the jacket heating, programming possibilities, and can be customized with food water measurement and food temperature control.

3 Part tool

The Dieta tool has a unique three-part construction (patented). The parts are easy to attach and detach even when the ingredients are already in the kettle.

The possibility to easily use special mixer tools increases the recipe possibilities. Whatever the process you need, the ingeniously designed mixer tool transforms easily into a gentle whisk, a vigorous masher or something in between. It can break solids, scrapes the edges of the kettle to prevent sticking and transfers heat effectively from the kettle jacket to the food.

For cleaning the tools are easy to remove and can be washed in a 500 x 500 dishwasher basket (up to 200 liter kettle).


Freestanding installation
Hygienic considerations are of the highest importance in professional kitchens. A typical challenge is to minimize the number of bolt connections required in the floor. DIETA Free Standing model solves this in a neat and very practical way.

The DIETA Free Standing kettle does not need any bolted installation. Just position the kettle onto the finished floor; installation done only in few minutes.

Floor cleaning is easy and you can relocate the kettle whenever needed!


Dieta Cook-Mix-Chill kettles are perfect for a kitchen that supplies refrigerated food as both cooking and chilling processes takes place directly in the kettle.

Ergonomic and efficient chilling
Chilling with Dieta kettle is ridiculously straightforward. Chilling is either activated from a push button in the display or as part of automated cooking program - no hoses to attach, no extra devices to put in the kettle and no moving the food.

In Dieta kettles the chilling process can be automatically performed after cooking without need to handle any additional tools or move the hot food. This saves a lot of time, increases safety and ergonomics, as it minimizes the number of heavy lifts that the staff have to perform during the cooking process.

Chilling performance
Higher performance with a unique chilled center axis – in addition to cooling through the inner surface of the kettle, ice water also flows through the chilled central axle of the mixer, which in turn increases cooling surface area by about 10%.

Cook-Mix-Chill process is dependent on the correct temperature of the food when it cross the temperature zone with a risk of food contamination. To facilitate the quality assurance of food Dieta kettles have temperature monitoring and recording possibilities for HACCP system.


Dieta kettles comes with possibility to automated washing programs. With the efficient cleaning tool that also cleans the mixer shaft you can save up to 80 % of water and detergent and as much as 45 minutes of cleaning time.

Add to that the tools which are easy to remove and can be washed in a 500 x 500 dishwasher basket.