B.PRO COOK classic


Welcome to the product family

The B.PRO COOK product family is growing: in addition to its high-performance classic range, B.PRO offers a streamline cooking station for new appliances with its new I-flex model series

The common denominator: sophisticated technology and architecture

When it comes to practical use, B.PRO COOK classic has proven its worth in every respect. The two model series thus have a great deal in common from a functional and technical perspective:

Highly efficient extraction/filter system

Integrated, multi-lvel extraction and filter technology directly above the cooking units and in the side filter boxes guarantees highly efficient filtering of odours, moisture and grease.

This means that cooking can take place directly in the dining area with no need for a stationary extractor hood.

However, this cannot fully replace a room ventilation system

Electrosttic filtering

The optional ION TEC filter system filters the finest aerosols, odour particles and blue smoke while also extending the service life of charcoal filters

Extraction bridge

As a bridge to diners, it creates a communicative space - with an unobstructed view of the food prepatation - and provides larger vertical and horizontal areas for arranging, garnishing and serving food.

B.PRO control

The electronic control with clear symbols makes operation extremely easy. The filter change indicator provides automatic reminders to replace or clean filters


You can change or add equipment with cooking units and attachments at any time to suit your current needs


B.PRO I-flex